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     Updated January 9th, 2015

A New Day is Upon Us

In just a few short weeks, K12 adult education will have a much clearer understanding of the future and, by my estimation, it’s looking much brighter on the horizon—a new day is upon us. In the past two months we’ve been working vigorously to affect the January proposal before our window of opportunity closed. It appears that window is now closed as I’ve been notified that the Governor is in the Department of Finance making the final call on each of the various budget items as I prepare this update for you. While the window seems to be closed now, we’re keeping the curtains open. While nothing is certain until we see the Governor’s budget proposal on Friday, January 9th, we are feeling quite good about our prospects for the budget proposal and in it, our fate. More...

This years conference is again in beautiful Long Beach, California.

Here is the link for Westin Hotel reservations.  Attendees can also call 562-436-3000 identifying themselves as guests for the CAEAA Room Block.  The Deadline for reservations is 1-5-15

AB 86 Cabinet
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Full Court Press to Save Adult Education Underway, Share Your Efforts and Progress Today!

As the Legislature works to wrap up its 2014 session, we are well in the midst of our full court press to impact the Governor's January budget proposal to ensure it is workable and protects K-12 adult schools. As part of that effort, we have taken on a number of efforts at the state level and have provided a host of activities for you to undertake at the local level. In this regard, however, we do not have a good sense of the level of engagement and completion of activities at the local level (i.e. NASCAR letters).  It would be helpful for us at the state level to receive an update from the field on the status of your efforts. Read more...

Call to Action—Affecting January's Budget Proposal

As you certainly have heard, we are hitting the ground running this month in an effort to affect the Governor's January budget proposal in support of K-12 adult education.  In our assessment, it is absolutely critical that the Administration and Department of Finance get the January proposal right by providing dedicated funding and stability for K-12 school districts to maintain their current adult education programs and look to opportunities to expand and re/establish programs and services for the adults most in need in our state.  The timing is critical in that school districts will be moving to finalize their budgets shortly after the January budget proposal is released and looking toward the March 15th layoff notice deadline and what may need to be done without clear direction and stability being provided to them for K-12 based adult schools.  It is for this reason that our focus is ultimately on the Administration and Department of Finance to ensure they "get it right" in their January proposal.  The Legislature plays a key role as well in helping place pressure, but it is ultimately the Administration and Department of Finance who will have the say in their January proposal.  Pressure must be applied from all angles to affect the details and ensure it provides stability for the K-12 adult education system.   

In this regard, we have prepared a host of materials for use by the field at the local level including talking points, a myths vs. facts white paper, timeline overview, sample coalition ("NASCAR") letter, and more.  Further, we will be hosting our first webinar this week in an effort to ensure that the field is updated on the current state of affairs in Sacramento, the efforts we are pursuing at the state level and what you at the local level can do to assist in our efforts to put pressure on the Administration to "get it right" in their January budget proposal. 

Strength in numbers!

Dawn Koepke
CCAE Legislative Liaison

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